Scantone Jones, S.E.E.D.S. BC, BATNA Play Technologies

Scantone sat down to talk about his passion for his business and offer advice to new entrepreneurs. He is also passionate about providing solutions that help generate economic activity and enable consumers to benefit from their purchases.  He has also recently been named Director at Large at the Self Employment and Entrepreneur Development Society.

From a young age Scantone has been focused on using his leadership skills to contribute to his community. He was honoured to be an Interantional Student Amassador of Canada for two years and received the Great Seal of The USA, recognition from Rosa Parks, Oprah Winfrey and Prime Minister Jean Chretien for his Leadership accomplishments. These interactions influence Scantone to this day as a business owner and volunteer.

Mr. Jones developed a successful bi-monthly magazine throughout Metro Vancouver which brought together over 4,000 consumers and businesses. He is also founder of surreyONE which focus is to help create greater economic activity in the city.  He has done motivational speeches and leadership workshops for thousands of  students and also volunteers for several local charities.

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